Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Google meme

From Katherine:

Type "[yourname] needs" into Google and see what comes out.

1) Howard needs Clark for Solomons venture -
Ok, I'll buy that. Whenever I enter into a venture I want as much help as I can get.

2) Workers Online : Letters to the Editor : 2005 - Issue 253 : Howard ...
Howard Needs To Know.

Maybe Clark has the answer??

3) CFMEU: Construction & General Division: Hard Hat: November 2001 ...
Private Howard needs you!

Is "you" Clark? Seriously though I always figured I would be an officer, not a private.

4) Howard Needs Homeland Security - The Hilltop - Perspectives Howard Needs Homeland Security
Does that mean I need to go out and get a gun & dog?

5) Barclay Howard needs treatment for leukaemia
Leukaemia? Pass!

6) Graham Young argues that John Howard needs to lead the Liberal ...
Sounds like a plan. Maybe I can get Clark to help out!

7) Ambit Gambit: John Howard needs to learn to say sorry.
"I'm Sorry." Now that was not hard.

8) Michael Howard speech: Your reaction Howard needs to attack, attack, attack and don't be nice.
But I just learned to say I was sorry...

9) The Muslim News - Howard needs to allay concerns of British Muslims
Not sure what I can do here. Maybe if I can lead the liberals we can allay the concerns of the British Muslims...

10) The Talent Show: Howard Needs A Joke
I have a joke: What is the difference between a catfish & a lawyer?
A: One is a mud-sucking bottom dweller and the other is a fish.
Ok, maybe I need a BETTER joke.

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