Saturday, October 01, 2005

Must Post Something Meaningful

I have noticed of late I have been bad about posting meaningful entries. Either some random bits of my life or, more importantly, some things that have meaning to me. I have a few bits & pieces floating around the back of my head and I should really be getting them out. One of the things I heard Dave Winer say about podcasting & blogging is that both are a way throw out ideas. Some ideas can be easily written. Some need to be spoken. Either way if I am not getting my thoughts out then I am not really using the medium that well.

I was actually looking at my blog earlier. It has been awhile since I actually LOOKED at my blog. Since I have no need to read my posts I do not go over there that often. I also imagine that my readers reader use an aggregator to read my blog and only see the blog the first time they come across it or when leaving comments.

I know my blog is very minimalistic. My mind is still back in the days of 2400 baud modems sometimes so instead of "springing" for a few graphics here and there I tend to use plain white with black print (which is my prefered reading colors) and a minimal of graphics. I even have tried to keep the number of links to external sites & services to a minimum so that everything loads quickly. Plus I have never been much about fiddling with the layout of the page itself. What is there is more important to me than how it is presented.

I am probably going to be on the lookout for a new template. Maybe a few new buttons to take the place of some of my links. I might even try my hand at some HTML stuff. I have thought about turning my archive links into a dropdown list. I might even do some JavaScript stuff. Hey, I am a programmer and I have picked up enough JavaScript to be dangerous!

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