Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Palm drops Zire, Tungsten names | CNET

Palm drops Zire, Tungsten names | CNET

This does not come as much of a shock, although as a Tungsten user I am a little miffed.

What worries me more is the reference to looking at switching to the Windows CE/Mobile/whatever-the-hell-Bill-is-calling-it-today. My favorite program on the Palm is Life Balance. It is a great way of keeping your Next Action (To Dos for non-GTDers) list, and works in an outline format, which is how I like to organize things. There has never been any indication that they will move the program to Windows CE/Mobile platform.

The next Palm OS also sounds like a big leap from the current OS (operating system). Switching to a Linux kernal will not be easy, although I would love to see it. However this does not sould like it is going to be an easy shift for the developers.

My hope is that the Palm OS finds a good home and does not completely cheese off all the current developers. I like the Palm OS - it seems to be less resource intensive. Windows CE's primarly selling point has been seamless (sort of) integration with desktop apps. That, of course, only works if you only use IE, Outlook (or Outlook Express), MS Office, etc. For those of us who use Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird (a calendar program), OpenOffice, etc. we are where we are right now.

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