Saturday, October 01, 2005

I can't believe I ate the whole thing

White House Chicken is one of my guilty pleasures. I limit the number of times I go there. The cheapest adult dinner is $6.49, which is not really bad but I prefer the mixed dinner which is more. They do include 3 sides so really it is not bad for the price, but if I am looking for something fast foodish I can get out cheaper at Taco Bell. Plus I do prefer to keep my cholesterol in the 3 digit range.

Make no mistake, this is not good for you food. But it tastes so good. Instead of using some Southern (US Southern that is) recipe for the breading on their fried chicken they use breading. Plus they cut the chicken into some really weird looking pieces and it is fun to guess what they are, although after a lifetime of eating this chicken I pretty much know what everything is.

Since I missed lunch I decided to get a large meal tonight. The large includes one of every cut of chicken listed plus the 3 sides. I got the "classic" sides of french fries, cole slaw & hot sauce. Guess who forgot how much food that was? Guess who is remember now how much food that was?

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