Friday, September 30, 2005

Random Cruft

I have to say that I am getting tired of being too busy.

Work has been dull the last few days. There have been a variety of meetings that I have been in that although important to my future are, fundamentally, dull. There is just some info that you just can't make exciting. I like what is being talked about, but having seen the same half hour presentation 4 times in 3 days can put you to sleep. The problem was there was 4 different sessions and invariablely someone had not been to one of the other ones so we had to go through the first half hour. Zzzzzzz! At least the last hour of each session was different (and more exciting).

Whenever I am in meetings like this I always feel like I am not "working." I know intellectually this is part of my job, but emotionally I feel like if I am not cutting code then I am not doing anything. Too much old school programming I guess.

Outside of work I am trying to get ready for the 2005 For Purpose Conference. This is a gathering I have been to for the last 4 years or so. It is great to get together and "talk shop" with a bunch of like minded individuals. If you poke around you can even see some pictures of me on the site. The cycles work is not for everyone, but I have found it to work for me. That is probably the most important part - finding things that work for me. Finger crossed when I leave in 1.5 weeks I will have everything at work wrapped up.

In the midst of all of this I have been working to celebrate two birthdays in the family and try to keep my sanity. Nancy is giving a workshop tomorrow on the American Indian medicine wheel. At least one of them. This is also a part of the cycles work that I am going to be working with at the For Purpose Conference. I know quite a bit already, but Nancy has worked with it longer than I have. Plus I try to support here whenever I can when she has workshops. It is helpful when setting one to have a couple of people there that know what is going on. Or at least that can fake it!

Nancy also organized our tai chi demo for this weekend. Just another one of those too much to do weekends. The demo this year is more of a chance for the students from her different classes to get together than a full on public demo. It is always fun plus I can catch up with some of the students who have switched classes. She has classes 3 different days of the week and at 3 different locations so many of the students have moved around as she has offered more classes.

I think that is it for now. I need to pack up my drum, rattles & crystals for the seminar tomorrow. Plus there is a rock I want to take with me tomorrow and to the conference that I have yet to locate. It is really pissing me off because the rock is important to me yet the think always seems to wander away from where I last put it. Very frustrating!

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