Thursday, September 08, 2005

"High Speed" rail?

There is talk of putting in a High Speed regional rail that will hit Cleveland, and no doubt Akron as well that will run from Toronto, Pittsburgh and eventually Chicago. The talk is it will go anywhere from 80 to 110 MPH. Wow. Given Emmanuel Goldstein talked about the Japanese Bullet Trains (not a reference from Mr. Goldstein) have a average speed of 120 MPH, and a recorded average speed of 168 MPH. He also talked about a maglev train in Shanghai That hit 267 MPH! Let me say that again, 267 MPH. If China & Japan can have speeds like that, why can't we here?

Now the big question is - if we get transportation between these cities, can we get around within the cities once we get there? I am not sure about Columbus, but Akron & Cleveland do not necessarily have the best public transportation system.

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