Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Off To Columbus

Yours truely is off to Columbus, OH to return a rental car with my sister in law. The company wants $150 for the privledge of dropping the car of here in town. It is cheaper to drive back to Columbus and drop the car (van actually) off back where they got it.

They had to rent the van when theirs broke down in Columbus over the weekend. Both of them want to take a cattle prod to the dangly bits of some people over at AAA since they were basically lied to about when they could use their membership and the extent of the benefits. Not to mention some piss poor customer service. You might think that when someone says "by cell phone battery is dying, I cannot hold" the next words would not be "please hold". Fortunately they got an understanding tow company that really worked with them, even working through their dispatcher to get things handled after their phone completely died (18 hours of recharge time). Might I add this was not even the company that ended up with the tow. These people know how to do customer service!

Anyways I was just killing some time before I head over to meet up with my sister in law. We have to wait until my brother gets home from work. My MP3 player is loaded up for the trip down, and everything I need is ready to go. The trip back I will have my 2 year old niece in the car, so I see a lot of kiddie DVDs on the way back. I grabbed Shrek. At least it is something I would not mind listening to. I know my niece is used to longish road trips since she has been doing it since she was born, but I expect this to take longer than we plan on.

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