Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I have to agree - a pretty good sandwich

Scripting News: 8/24/2005

Scripting News: 8/24/2005

I had to go out and get gas after my trip to Columbus yesterday so I thought I would give this Subway sub a try. Pretty good overall. I did make a few changes: No salt and I used the little packets of mustard & mayo so I could put on how much I wanted but otherwise I kept everything just like Dave suggested. I'm not a big ham eater, but this was a nice mix.

If I am not getting the latest Subway concoction, I usually am getting a Veggie Delight with a full selection of veggies (sans cucumbers) with either the Sweet Onion or Southwestern sauce. I will skip all sauces if the sub is to be taken to work the next day and put on some vinegar or little packets of something. My bread choice is usually either wheat (no whole wheat locally) or the Honey Oat, but I will mix it up and I am always willing to try a new bread if they have it.

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