Friday, September 09, 2005

Column by PC Magazine: Podcasting: The Next Big Thing

Column by PC Magazine: Podcasting: The Next Big Thing

Dvorak mostly gets podcasting, although I think he is a bit behind on the scene - many businesses are realizing that it might be good to pay a poscaster with a narrow audience if that audience is concentrated into your demographic. Now advertisers need to realize that such a narrow audience could be worth as much as what they pay to some of the magazines & radio shots. As he points out, if one podcast could demonstrate 1 million, or I would even say 100 thousand, unique listeners bigger companies will "get it".

I do have to agree though - podcasting is like having 50,000 stations and nothing on. It is tough to find new stuff. There are some podcasts about podcasts, but with only so many hours in the day it is tough to squeeze them in as well as work, reading, etc. Word of mouth is probably the biggest "advertisement" that a podcast can get.

Now let's hope that with the "professionals" getting into the game that they don't try to shut up the people who started the game.

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