Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wikipedia Meme

From Becky

Here's an idea I just invented. Go to Wikipedia, click on the "Random Article" button, and write about how that thing relates to you, skipping stub articles and anything that doesn't resonate at all. Do this five times.

1) Fuelladder - I have a friend who is a firefighter in the Columbus area. Both our schedules are too busy to get together much anymore, but we do email each other from time to time.

2) Stencil Shadow Volume was not one of the techniques I learned in my Computer Graphics class in college. I grant you we were one step above pong, but still not something I learned.

3) Fudge - Aside from a favorite snack food, particularly peanut butter fudge, they missed something on this page. Fudge as a euphemism for manure (or poop, or shit). Used in the film The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai in the line "I am barely holding my fudge right now."

4) Combustion - Although yours truly made it all the way through Boy Scouts to Eagle, my fire starting skills usually involved a fair amount of "Boy Scout Water", AKA kerosene.

5) SBC Communications - My current local telephone company. Overall I don't mind them, although I am pissed that they still don't provide DSL to my house. I would be willing to take the speed hit to get $15/month for DSL. Hey I would settle for the $25/month for about half the speed I get on my cable modem.

Neat meme. I have to say I skipped a lot of articles about various English football soccer teams. Really weird the number of soccer articles that came up.


Becky said...

Cool, my meme jumped outside of the tranny blogs! Although it's yet to get more than one degree of seperation from my blog, I wonder if it will go any further! :-)

Well done for skipping the soccer articles, that would have been dull! :)

Howard Hill said...

Glad I could be of help! Hopefully I will help push it out further.

I noticed reading comments on your blog that there does seem to be a tight knit group of tranny bloggers, particularly in the UK. I don't see why it matters, but then again I have been online for years and I am used to people not exactly telling the truth about who they are.

I agree about the soccer articles. My knowledge begins & ends with how bad I was in school at it. That and my college finished second in the nation while I was there.