Monday, September 26, 2005

Bloglines Dumping Ground

I was just going through my Bloglines feeds and found 57 stored links sitting there. I use Bloglines so that I can keep tabs on my read feeds from multiple computers. Some of these saved posts are things I need to do on one or another computer. Some are long posts that I want to read later. Some are podcast show notes that I have saved until I listen to the episode. Still I have 45-50 podcasts that I need to do something with other than listen to a podcast.

Someone, possibly 43 Folders, had mentioned using your blog as a dumping ground of information you want keep. You have access from any computer to bits of info. Cool idea, although obviously you would want to skip any sensitive info. Given I have a PDA that I tote along with me just about everywhere I have very little need for this. In fact I wwould like to pull some of my information OFF of the web and put on my PDA in a much easier method. 43 Folders has a guide on printing out your Amazon Wish List, but I want to get that on my PDA. Same with my NetFlix queue and maybe a Flikr feed or two. I know I can get RSS feeds onto my Palm, but I do like 43 Folder's idea of using the Amazon Wish List as a dumping ground for what I want to pick up and tend to forget. Unfortunately I don't always get things on my Palm, plus then I easily order things off of Amazon when I am ready to purchase them.

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