Tuesday, September 27, 2005

43 Folders | Writing sensible email messages

43 Folders | Writing sensible email messages

I have run into my share of bad email. I may not be perfect, but I am better than the average bear at this. My two biggest pet peeves are people who use no subject and massively forwarded emails without any kind of clean up. I have waded through 4 and 5 levels of nested enclosed emails, usually out of curiosity to see how far down the rabbit hole I need to go. Typically I just kill off email that is not readily available to me.

There were a few ideas that I liked. I particuarly liked the EOM at the end of the subject so you know there is nothing in the body of the message. I get a number of subject only messages at work, and it is slightly annoying to open an email to find nothing there.

Note that normally I am against the "I agree" types of emails, but I find at work that you need to do them sometimes. I avoid them at home unless I have soemthing meaningful to add, but at work many times someone is just asking a question or walking through a process and need some kind of feedback, if only "yep, that's right".

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