Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Random Ravings

As I sit and wait for some data to upgrade to move on with my next task at work, and I have run out of other desk stuff to do, I thought I might put out a short "what the hell is going on in my life" type of entry.

The health front is pretty good. My leg still wants to swell more when I eat salty junk food, but if I keep moving it is not too bad. This month is when I try to step up my workout routine by adding some weight lifting again. The Natatorium where I work out has a fitness circuit, which from what I have heard is similar to Curves, only allowing men to work out as well. I am somewhat "old school" in how I handle the circuit - I do a single (once around the circuit) and then follow that with 100 crunches using an ab roller. Well, I do as many as I can right now. Back when I was doing the circuit regularly I did 100. I may never 6-pack abs, but stronger abs helps with back problems which is what I am more interested in. After my trip to VA Beach in October I will probably add my once a week yoga class back in as well.

One of my goals is to get ready for the Victoria Blossom Walk and the Vancouver Discover Walks next April. This involves 2 20K or so walks back to back on back to back weekends. It's a regular blister fest! Since I will be in the area I want to do additional walks between the weekends. Just the walks, over a 6 day period, is about 100 K (62 miles for the metric-impaired) and yours truly is far from ready right now. I have plenty of time, just need to get some miles on the old feet.

I'm still hacking away at the local hiking programs. I just about have the required trails for the local one. Once I get the manditory trails done I will be looking to get some of the outer lying programs.

My roof is done! There was some problems doing the last bit that was unexpected by everyone. We have had a nasty rainstorm since and no water anywhere. Bonus! Now to take out some trees that are in the hedges right on the property line. Technically they are the neighbor's trees, but frankly they don't keep up the hedges (the last owners put up a fence so they don't have to see the hedges) so I don't imagine they will care. These are some small (10 ft or so) trees that are starting to become a problem for pulling up shingles. Unfortunately there will probably be a chemical war involved with getting the stumps out, or at least not sprout new stuff. I still have a basement window that needs to be replaced, but I am going to use a piece of wood on that for now. Next year's big task is replacing the steps to the basement. Oh happy day!

I am still not sure what to do with the front of my house. I do not know if I want to try and put in a raised bed or if I just leave it. My guess is I will just to make it look cleaner. Of course that is going to mean getting some kind of flower, ground cover, whatever to put in. I would love to put in a veggie garden, but there is too much shade for 90% of veggies. I may try some tomatoes up front again, although I figure that would result in many of my tomatoes walking off. If I remember I will pull the picture of my camera and post it.

The house itself is in desparate need of painting. I mentioned earlier about how the finish was coming off as we powerwashed earlier in the year. The house has not been painted/sided/had much done with it in 20+ years. When mom moved in almost 20 years ago the only thing that has been done is the inside was painted and that was about it. Even then my grandparents had not done much for 5 or so years before that. In fact the last things done was the siding put on & the house insulated.

The inside itself is presenting me with all kinds of fits. The walls in all the rooms need painted. Carpet is needed all over. Junk needs to move out of my life. I probably need a new stove (the current one is of unknown age) and fridge (about 20 years old). Sinks need replaced, the kitchen has not been touched in 50 years (outside of paint & flooring and a sink). Why do I flash back to The Money Pit? Of course I am not arguing with no house payment. Hopefully the bulk of the big ticket items are done for awhile (knock wood, praise Murphy). The inside stuff is not horrible - paint on the inside is no big deal. Some of the rooms have hardwood floors that I should be able to just recondition (however one does that). Flooring for the bathroom & kitchen will be the biggest problem. The cabinets need some inside updating as well as new doors. Everything works fine, but dated looking. Maybe if I stopped running all over the country I could save the money for some of this ;).

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