Monday, May 09, 2005 Members say church ousts Kerry supporters Members say church ousts Kerry supporters

Although I would say that by and large churches should be allowed to determine who can be members, I hope the IRS makes an example out of them and revokes the tax-exempt status. It is one thing to kick pro-choice people out of a church that is pro-life, but to kick people out because they supported a candidate REGARDLESS OF THEIR INDIVIDUAL VIEWS ON THE TOPICS, is wrong and against the law for tax-exempt status.

Any more candidates are choosing the lesser of two evils. You may feel that it is less evil to vote for the pro-choice Kerry vs. what Bush has done in Iraq. I have met pro-life Democrats and pro-choice Republicans, Democrats who feel we did the right thing in Iraq, and Republicans who don't. Backing a particular candidate does not mean you agree with everything that candidate does. Personally I am a Democrat only because I cannot vote on issues only during a primary locally, or should I say at one time that is what I do. I voted for Kerry, put I also voted for a Republican senator because I thought he was the best man for the job. Novel concept - voting for who you feel will do the right job and not concern yourself for what poltiical party he belongs to.

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