Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Walking Fun

I added 3 new photos to my Flickr feed below from some of the walks I have been on this year.

I do these things called Volksmarches. They are run various chapters of the American Volksport Association. A Volks event is a non-competitive, non-charity based walk, bike, swim, etc. It comes out of Germany and from Hitler and was designed to help non-athletes get some exercise. The only person you are competing against is yourself.

What I like about these walks is they usually go by something interesting, and many times they lay them out so you walk by some of the more interesting sites in a city. Additionally they run a number of special programs which can help you to learn about say the Civil War. I hope to get my scanner up and running (my parallel cable disappeared) so I can scan some of my special patches that I have gotten this year.

One thing I am looking for is somewhere to post some photos on line. Flickr is ok, but I want something a little bigger and maybe a little more customizable that is free. If I get somewhere where I can post pictures on my trip I want to be able to throw things up for some of my friends to see.

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