Friday, May 20, 2005

Geek News Central Revealing Links & Useful Technical Information

Geek News Central Revealing Links & Useful Technical Information

(Cleaning out some stuff from my aggregator, in case you did not guess that already.)

With the already announced Yahoo 360 (which I have not gotten an invite to, but I'm not sure if I want to use it) it should be interesting to see what happens. I already posted about Google getting into the portal arena, which means the portal heat is getting turned up again.

Portals seems so ancient history (like what, 2000 ;)), but I have to admit after having some problems with slow loading web pages even on cable I am liking the idea of a portal more and more. Couple portals with the Ajax concept and I think things will really cook.

I think, actually, portals before was an idea before its time. A good idea - a central point to gather your information. Reminds me of the "information at your fingertips" days of Micro$oft. However I think it was not until RSS really caught on that people saw the importance and potential for portals.

Speaking of Micro$oft, Dave Winer points out that MS is up to something concerning RSS. Ballmer, at least, misses the point of RSS - it is SUPPOSED TO BE SIMPLE. Over the years Microsoft only grudgingly adheres to open standards that they cannot control. After all that is one way they make money - ever notice how the file formats change version to version in Office? It will be interesting to see what MS will bring to the table, but as always it will not be worth a damn until version 3.0. Not that I am going to get much of a chance to use anything since I use OpenOffice at home.

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